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Not everything is sun and beach in Mallorca. With a mild winter, there are many reasons to go to Mallorca in winter and today that the season is approaching, that the hotels have removed the “complete” sign and that it is possible to find deserted beaches and viewpoints that await us as protagonists, we tell you ten of them.

I hardly recognize the Mallorca that George Sand portrayed in “A Winter in Mallorca”, because I consider that, although there may be a rough month, the climate is generally mild. He was unlucky, no doubt. I, who have lived several winters in Mallorca, have found that the island even has some advantages compared to the high season. Let’s see ten reasons to go to Mallorca in winter .

A different Majorca than in the high season, less noisy, greener, with frozen fields or white and pink with almond blossom, the island’s landscapes change but are equally mesmerizing.

  • Seeing snow in the Sierra de Tramuntana is one of the most beautiful and surprising memories I have of that time when I observed every corner of Mallorca for the first time, fascinated and in love. Valldemossa is an essential stop at any time of year, it is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain and in winter it can give us a beautiful snowy picture. The Serra de Tramuntana is the place that most frequently receives snow each winter, but sometimes a white blanket can be seen throughout the Pla, in the Serra de Llevant and even in Palma de Mallorca.

  • Enjoy the best terraces without stress. In areas like Santa Ponsa, Puerto Alcúdia, Cala Mayor … it can be difficult and noisy to find a table by the sea in high season. But those same chill out seats, that same sound of the waves, those same appetizers await us in winter in the front row, without stress, without haste, being able to choose the best place.
  • Stroll along the beach . Because not everything is bathing: walking along the seashore is a fabulous experience, running, stopping for lunch, playing with family or friends … We don’t have beach bars, but we already have a good sandwich with us. Umbrellas are not necessary to protect us from the sun and we can settle anywhere to enjoy the endless sea, without cramming in the sand. On sunny days, we will not resist diving into the Mediterranean even if it is our feet.

  • Go hiking . The days get shorter, but in return we don’t have to take refuge in the central hours of the day to do certain activities. Hiking is one of them and in Mallorca there are hundreds of routes for all walkers, with different levels of difficulty. The Torrente de Pareis, the path of the Archduke, the ascent from Randa to the Monastery of Cura, pilgrimage to the Monastery of Lluc… are some of the most popular walks that we can enjoy on good winter days.
  • Every summer that I have to go to “ciutat” I try to leave it until late in the afternoon. With the heat, it is difficult to get around the city but in winter it is very pleasant to discover Palma under the sun , the Royal Palace , the Seu or Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor, the Gran Hotel , the Bellver castle … There is much to see in a day in Palma de Mallorca and if the temperature is pleasant it is much more enjoyable.

  • Natural spaces, at any time . The same thing that happens with Palma happens to us in summer when visiting its natural spaces. The central hours of the day, better for the brave. On the other hand, sunny winter days allow us to enjoy walks in places like S’Albufera , the Llevant Peninsula … To visit Sa Dragonera or Cabrera islands, frequencies are reduced, but there is always a company that offers the excursion (as long as time permits).
  • Mallorca by bike . If walking around the island in winter is a pleasant experience, riding on two wheels is no less. The roads are less traveled and the heat is not suffocating. We can discover many places on the island by bicycle and take a look at its best viewpoints to have the best photo, warm, yes, but with the company that we decide.
  • If you are a lover of nautical sports , in winter there are many companies that do not close their doors. The offer is less, but you can enjoy the cold winter breeze in a calm and less traveled sea.

  • We cannot feel the heat of the sun intensely, but we can feel the heat of the fire on certain dates. Some winter festivals take us to the most deeply-rooted island tradition, to the “foguerons”, “torradas” or barbecues, the “dimonis” and “correfocs” … Do not miss the Sant Antoni festival in Sa Pobla and Sant Sebastià in Palma de Mallorca. Traditional gastronomy also awaits us at these festivals to warm up …
  • Finally, of course, going to Mallorca in winter saves money . Flights are cheaper, as are hotels. It is clear that we will not find as much offer to stay, but many establishments open throughout the year and the prices are considerably cheaper than in high season.

These are only ten reasons to travel to Mallorca in winter , and that today on an autumn day with a summery tinge has given me to long for. Surely you, if you know the island at this time of year, you have another reason.

Photos | Andrés Nieto Porras , Miquel Frontera , María Rosa Ferre , Andrés Nieto Porras on Flickr-CC and Eva Paris
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